June 2015 TREF Meeting Minutes

TREF Minutes

Trauma Research & Education Foundation
3020 Children’s Way, Mailcode 5085
San Diego, California 92123-4282
Phone: 858-966-4010
Fax: 858-966-8525

Time Convened: 1215
Time Adjourned: 1315
Date: 6-15-15
Nobel Room SLJ
MEMBERS PRESENT: Renee Douglas, Kathi Ayers, Brian McCord, Melanie Gawlik, Melinda Case, Pat Stout MEMBERS ABSENT:


1200-1205 Review Minutes
Reflection Perseverance…
Request for ex officio non-voting member
  • Letter to M. Metz requesting appointment of C.S. as ex officio, non-voting member (per bylaws)
  • Given to Marcy 6/15
Web site
  • Web –no new, next on list
  • Does Scripps have a photographer that could take a picture at the next MAC?
  • Need photo – can we set up at next MAC?
  • Plan for August 17th MAC meeting, M.Gawlik will contact ScLJ photographer
  • Pages are loaded, need to update the content
Injury Prevention
Injury Prevention Committee: Melanie Gawlik, Chair
  • Upcoming meeting dates / times
  • TREF T-shirts
  • Next meeting Thursday 6/18
  • T-shirt styles and sizes chosen, Melanie will order
    • 10/center of Polo (we need to send her sizes and gender) with embroidery
    • 10+ of each size for the 50/50 cotton tees with silk screen
Kathi Ayers
?any new Trauma Prevention Coalition –
IP curriculum AAST in Las Vegas –September
?possible increased engagement in NTAM for our collective centers?
TREF Education
  • TNCC- any financial discussion needs/ operations in TPM meeting
  • New invoice for ATCN
  • Review of new ATCN invoice (consistent with TNCC)
  • Draft TREF “TCAR reimbursement form” reviewed, approved with addition of deadline of 30 days post course for submission. Will add and send out to TPMs (done)
Finance Update
Treasurer: Brian McCord
  • Motions needed for financial approval
  • Bookkeeping reports thru April
Reports reviewed, no comments
Strategic TREF Board Planning 2014-2016
Additional Items
  • Treasurer will explore option of online pay / registration for TNCC (especially community members)
  • Future topic (do we continue the deposit checks for our trauma nurses?)
Meeting adjourned