March 2015 TREF Meeting Minutes

TREF Minutes

Trauma Research & Education Foundation
3020 Children’s Way, Mailcode 5085
San Diego, California 92123-4282
Phone: 858-966-4010
Fax: 858-966-8525


Time Convened: 1200
Time Adjourned:
Date: 3-16-15
Nobel Room SLJ
Melinda Case,
Renee Douglas,
Melanie Gawlik,
Brian McCord


1200-1205 Review Minutes
  • Motion to approve mg, second ka, approved unanimously
  • Discussed whether or not members wanted minutes sent out soon after the meeting or wait until next meeting. Everyone agreed that asap is best, then people have a record of what action items they are responsible for.
Will plan on sending out minutes as soon after the meeting as possible for review and reference.
Adding Board Member Motion to approve Pat Stout as a TREF Board member rd, second mc (approved) Board approved unanimously to add Pat Stout as a member
Reflection Patience: the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.tref_monkey
1205-1210 Web site
  • Web site update –rd
  • Primary account contact change
  • Web hosting site –may change from old one
  • As of 3/17, Renee is the Primary Account contact at Network Solutions.
  • Review of billing info at old host-site indicates inactive, will followup via email on next steps
  • Will send out information on a site that has some of the concepts and navigation that we are interested in (Cal-Nev-Ha Kiwanis)
1210-1235 Injury Prevention
Injury Prevention Committee: Melanie Gawlik, Chair
  • Upcoming meeting dates / times
  • Next meeting 3/19 1300 phone “Meet-Me Conference Access number 866-453-1424
  • Participant Pin Code number 7758958#
  • Upcoming events: Bike to Work Day booth at Caltrans pit stop midMay (purchasing 50 helmets) other giveaways TBD (?first aid kit?)
  • Touch a Truck May 31st (info and sign up contact) ?Jan
  • ?follow up Hope Maxson re: “every 15 min”
  • ?TREF shirts
  • 3/19 phone meeting
  • Bike to Work May 15
  • Melinda, Kathi, and Melanie all working on contacts with “every 15 minutes” to determine possible TREF involvement (i.e. materials sponsor)
  • Melanie will invite Hope Maxson (officer involved with “every 15 min” to next TREF meeting
  • Reminder that if contacted about “every 15 minutes”, should refer to catchment area adult trauma center
  • Melanie to email Jan regarding Touch a Truck sign up (Qualcomm stadium)
  • Need TREF T-shirt quote asap
Kathi Ayers
  • ATS NTAM update and planning for May 2015
    Update per Kathi, awaiting confirmation
TREF Education
  • TNCC- any financial discussion needs/operations in TPM meeting
  • All TNCC/ATCN Instructors need to fill out a W-9 every year, update if move
  • Develop plan for multi-disciplinary trauma conference, budget, site, date
TCAR –discuss in TPM, checking for room late June
Finance Update
Treasurer: Brian McCord
Treasurer not present
Motions needed for financial approval
Budget Planning (defer)
Bookkeeping reports for February
Strategic TREF Board Planning 2014-2016
  • Strategic planning –suggest use of current meeting time in April
  • (will review/plan budget, web site plan, IP committee restructure, annual goals)/li>
April meeting will review

  • Strategic plan for 2015-16
  • Budget
  • Annual Goals
Additional Items
  • Institute for Nonprofit Education and Research
    School of Leadership and Education Sciences (SOLES)
    Possible internship with TREF, optimizing marketing, fundraising so we can provide more support to community activities in line with our mission
  • Define our process for Grant applications
Will review these as part of strategic planning next month.
Additional Item: Requests for “county trauma data”, will bring to TPM meeting (possibly incorporate requests as part of MAC)
Additional Item: Renee to write letter to Marcy Metz requesting County Trauma Coordinator be allowed to be a non-voting TREF Board member.
Meeting adjourned