May 2015 TREF Meeting Minutes

TREF Minutes

Trauma Research & Education Foundation
3020 Children’s Way, Mailcode 5085
San Diego, California 92123-4282
Phone: 858-966-4010
Fax: 858-966-8525


Time Convened: 1200
Time Adjourned:1310
Date: 5-18-15
Nobel Room SLJ
Melinda Case,
Renee Douglas,
Melanie Gawlik,
Brian McCord


1200-1205 Review Minutes
Reflection Everything matters…
Web site
  • Web site update –rd
  • Input?
  • Need photos, Pat arranged to take photos of ATCN, we need TNCC photos. Will get a group photo at MAC meeting (will check on July meeting)
  • Pages are loaded, need to update the content
Injury Prevention
Injury Prevention Committee: Melanie Gawlik, Chair
  • Upcoming meeting dates / times
  • Upcoming events: Bike to Work Day booth at Caltrans pit stop Date change
  • TREF T-shirts-***
  • Touch a Truck May 31st (info and sign up contact)
  • 5/29 Bike to work day, helmets arrived, Josh put together bike accident epidemiology poster
  • Working on Tshirts, options of both polo/ embroidery, and silkscreen tshirt
  • Good participation in sign up for Touch a Truck
  • May change giveaways due to cost changes
Kathi Ayers
  • ATS NTAM update and planning May 20,2015
  • Trauma Survivors Day 5/20, see NTAM web page for details and other information
  • Kathi had sent out an email with a letter regarding NTAM and the Trauma Survivor Network to the TPMs
TREF Education
  • TNCC- any financial discussion needs/ operations in TPM meeting
  • All TNCC/ATCN Instructors need to fill out a W-9 every year, update if move
  • Develop plan for multi-disciplinary trauma conference, budget, site, date
  • Motion to increase the Course Director fee for TNCC (and ATCN) to $750.00 (mccord), second (douglas) Approved unanimously –begin June
  • Group discussion regarding our role and whether putting on a conference is a good use of our time and effort, we are not pursuing this, however, are interested in a Trauma Nurse venue (meeting, dinner, educational offering?)
  • Discussed how we would obtain CE certification for such an event- will review options
Finance Update
Treasurer: Brian McCord
  • Motions needed for financial approval
  • Bookkeeping reports thru April
Deferred discussion, as reports were for wrong dates
Strategic TREF Board Planning 2014-2016 Goals Web site, sponsoring additional educational opportunities (TCAR), improve opportunities for research support, follow up on CE certs for education events
Additional Items
Meeting adjourned