TREF – MAC Research Committee

Guidelines for submission of research proposals requesting TREF funding

OBJECTIVE: To develop a process by which investigators submit requests to TREF for funding of trauma-related research proposals.

GOAL: To standardize the funding request submission process and execute trauma-related research using TREF as the funding agency.


  • A written or electronic research proposal should be sent to the Chairman of the MAC Research Subcommittee.
    The research proposal should include the following sections:

    • Background and significance
    • Hypothesis and specific aims
    • Methods
    • Expected Results
    • References
    • Timeline
    • Budget
  • The Budget should contain the line items to be funded by TREF resources: student time, research, assistant time, materials, equipment, etc.
  • A complete proposal will be forwarded to TREF and will be reviewed by a committee including the following individuals;
    • TREF President
    • TREF Treasurer
    • MAC Research Subcommittee Chair
  • Each research project will be evaluated taking into account the following aspects:
    • Significance
    • Investigator(s)
    • Innovation
    • Approach
    • Environment
  • Need for additional reviewer expertise will be defined by the committee
  • Reviewers’ comments will be sent back to Principal Investigator for correction/revision and resubmission
  • If final approval is granted by TREF, the IRB proposal as well as the data sheet from the submitting institution will be made available to other institutions (if included in the study).
  • Funding reimbursement schedule will be determined by the TREF Board and communicated at the time of funding approval.
  • The awardee will provide TREF project updates and expense reports at the time of invoice submission.